Revenge of the Giants

The Last Guardian of Argent

After the torrian named Rowthar teleported them all through the portal the group of four seemed to have landed in some strange hall way with a pool in the center and giant statues along the walls. One grand statue was placed at the end of the pool over looking all of them. Coming around the edge of the pool was a very old man in full plated armor as he got closer he suddenly noticed their presence and attacked claiming them to be intruders. His first attack missed Marros by just a bit but got Rowthar full in the face. Rowthar went down since he had forgotten to heal himself after the last battle. Del-Syra changed to her water form and started attacking from the pool. Ravalynn shot off many warlock curses of fire and elderic but seemed to keep missing. Grigor, always the powerful hitter, got up close and personal with the old man and seemed to be the only one able to get past his defenses. While those three kept the old man busy Marros was busy trying to save Rowthar from death. He was able to heal his to a stabling point and Rowthar came about long enough to give Marros a piece of parchment that told him the key words to bring the older man to a sensible state. Marros dodged the electric blasts of the old mans staff and was able to get close enough to tell him “but I wanna be the hero”. The words immediately halted anymore attacks. The old man blinks a few times looks at the four strangers before him and asks if they are the chosen warriors. Before Rowthar can answer their is a clunking sound and the man falls forward unconscious. Behind him looms three one-eyed humanoid beasts emerging from a purplish portal. Ravalynn steps up to them and commands they obey her by sending them back into the portal. They ignore her orders by picking her up and taking her with them. Immediatly battle breaks out with Del-Syra still using her water powers and Grigor dealing massive damage. Marros first makes sure the elderly man is safe before joining in the battle. Ravalynn, not scared in the least but not wanting to go through the portal with the cyclops, is able to talk her way into making the cyclops let her go. Another Cyclops is not so convinced with Ravalynns talk and tries to go after her but Del-Syra is able to keep him at bay. Grigor is keeping the third Cyclops back as it continuously tries to get at Ravalynn and just as the Cyclops is able to step around him Grigor takes his weapon and gouges out the back calf of the cyclops’ leg. In pain the cyclops stumbles forward at Marros who punches the oncoming creature right between the legs. The cyclops lurches forward snapping what is left of his leg in two causing him to die at an odd angle.
Ravalynn finishes the second cyclops with a fiery bolt burning him to cinders. Witnessing the gruesome deaths of his companions, the cyclops that had grabbed Ravalynn decides to bolt back into the portal. Ravalynn sends her book imp to scout out the other side of the portal to see what is there as it comes back the two converse about it but in whispers so the others can’t hear. Marros confronts her but Ravalynn is able to side step the questions. The elderly man comes to conciousness then and leads them to a room with paintings and elegant weaponry mounted on the walls. The older man introduces himself as Obanar the guardian of Argent. Marros then decides that after the battles they’ve had it would be best to ask their questions in the morning so at this Obanar shows them to some rooms where they can rest until they meet again.

Traveling To Nerath

Grigore had spent the past two days traveling in the direction the halfling had pointed toward, but then he had to slow his travels when he came to a cliff. As he gazed down to see how far of a walk it would be he noticed a large amount of dead half eaten bodies lying on all over the ground. He walked down the side of the cliff using his necrotic abilities to investigate but just as he was about to come upon them a gigantice cat-like beast with tentacles sprouting from it’s back jumped down upon him. Grigore just had enough time to protect himself from the unknown beast’s tentacles whipping at him. He barely had time to compose him self from the first attack when a second yet smaller cat-beast came at him as well. Defending himself with shadowy attacks he was able to fend himself away and back up the cliff, but just barely. He was greatly hurt and these creatures were still after him.

The rest of this chapter will be told through the journals of Marros Dawnsblood that were found by Belven Millstone in 1482 years from when this amazing adventure took place.


Curious By Nature

In a forest not to far from Bael Turath purple smoke began to bellow out of what looked like a hole in the air. Soon the hole widened and it turned into a swirling vortex of purple mist pure arcane magic. Once it was wide enough push a medium sized bolder through a small radiant looking female elf tumbled her way out and the vortex disappeared faster than it had arrived.
“Kind of boring wasn’t it Rupert? Let’s go find something else to do.” She said to seemingly no one.
As she traveled she arrived upon Bael Turath. Before entering it she monitored the people flowing in and out of the city paying close attention to their clothes and features. She pulled off her regal clothing and switched it with some leather armor dirty plain clothing. Then with some concentration her face and body which used to be pure noble elf gained a few human features. Now she was ready to go. As she walked toward the town her attention suddenly flew to a man with bright red hair. It was so pretty that she had to follow it. Watching the hair keep her attention focused on it for almost a day until she got bored then she started back toward the city. When she was almost back she spotted another strange character rushing in the same direction she had just come from. She realized something was definitely going on and so with an unabashed yell toward the creature she said “Hey! Where you going?”

Gain Four Souls, Lose Yourself

My name is Del-Syra. I am a genasi swordmage of the highest rank. I am the fastest, strongest and most fearless swordmage you will ever meet. At least that is what my victims think before I plung my sword through their heart, but that was an entertainment of my past that I have turned my back on. I have my mission now and I will not stop until I find the bright lights that were stolen destroying the city Nerath.
I’ve been searching for a while now, stopping only to ask questions and get supplies. The city I’m in is big but poor looking, it was dark out when I arrive in Bael Turath so the few people walking the streets in their ragged clothing look like criminals. I notice one guy stopping in the moon light to pick up the shoe that fell off of his foot. I hug the wall of the ally way closer hoping he doesn’t see me. Hoping he doesn’t recognize me. I decide it is too dangerous to stay down here. I switch from my void form to my wind form and rode up on the cool night breeze up to the roof tops feeling like I’m soaring towards the moon. To fly is the most wonderful feeling in the world. It makes you forget all of your troubles all of your past pains and sink into never-ending happiness. No more fighting, no more killing, no more mission…oh yeah the mission. I forgot. I switched back to my void form, my emotionless form. Although I am happy being part of the wind it usually causes me to forget what I’m doing. I can see the man again from up top he is now turning a corner toward the wealthier looking part of the city. I know his intentions well now, he is looking to make him self richer by stealing from the wealthy. It is an old way of gaining wealth, no fun or cleverness to it. What he needed was to get caught, that would liven things up a bit. As I felt myself becoming more evil I felt the form that I had been born with manifest, my skin turned hard black and crispy, my swirling energy lines that had be empty in my void form started to glow and turn a deep fiery orange and the empty sockets where my eyes once were turned to fire. I could see in the dark now just as well as an owl. I started following the man toward the house he was now climbing. I ran and jumped and leaped stalking my prey, I was full of energy and this hunt was fueling the fire that burned beneath my charcoal skin. This form had missed the fun of the hunt, the thrill of the kill. As I reached the house, the man was coming out of the window holding the treasure he had stolen. I reach toward my sword and unsheathe it igniting it on fire. I stop running now, only one house away, his back to me not able to see the attack as he climbs down the rope he’d hooked on the windowsill. I take am hoping to split his skull in two, and release my sword throwing it through the air. It misses but cuts into the bag of riches pinning it to the side of the house. The man, surprised, quickly slides down the rope and disappears into the night. I stood there very still, not moving for the longest time. The fire in my eyes died and was replaces with pools of water, my skin cooled and turned rubbery and smooth, my energy lines turned blue and shimmering. I sat down on the roof and mourned for the loss of my soul. It was time to leave this city, I tossed the bag of riches back up through the window then headed towards the east, where my life had begun.

Wolfman from the Mountains

Marros the Longtooth Shifter was a guide for travelers who wished to pass through Raging Bear Mountains. He has lived there all his life and knows which passages to take and which to avoid. As the group he is currently helping settles in for the night in a cavern that Marros knows well they start to break out some ale and tell stories from their home town. The raucous laughter coming from their group disturbs Marros as he is trying to eat his supper but since it is no concern of his he tries to ignore, unfortunately one of the travelers named Belam has no wish for Marros to be left out. ‘Come over here and have some ale!’ says a well drunken Belam. Not wanting to be rude Marros accepts and listens to their stories. Soon he is very intent in listening to these wild stories of a crazy old lady named Prudence and her missing husband Leonard in Bael Turath. He is so into the stories that he almost forgets to keep a watch out for danger and when he looks up to do so he notices one of the other travelers suddenly get very interested in the talk about Prudence’s bag of gold. Soon the wild stories change to farming lands and everyone starts to fall asleep except Marros. Marros keeps a watch out during the night for any signs of danger and so immediately notices when the traveler that was so interested in gold gets up and starts to wander back the way everyone came through the tunnels. Marros asks where he is going and the traveler brushes him off saying he has to urinate. Marros knows he is lying but can’t follow him since he has a responsibility to the rest of the travelers so just asks that he stays safe.
After getting the travelers to a safe area past the mountains and saying good bye Marros still had a bad feeling about the traveler that went back. He conversed with his spirit companion on whether he should stay in the mountains that have been his home forever or if he should leave and investigate the traveler and the Lady named Prudence. His spirit companion thought it would be wise to travel and explore the lands so Marros took off for the city of Bael Turath.
When he arrived he wanted to search out Prudence first to make sure she was alright. He headed straight for the cities tavern thinking he would find many people in there who may have heard of her, what he didn’t expect though was find the woman herself. A small old frail looking woman in fancy clothing stood in front of a table yelling at a group of men who were drinking and laughing at her. Marros saw the woman was upset from trying to convince the table her husband was alive so he guided her to another table and asked her about her husband and how he could help. She told him she knew her husband was a live and another gentleman was going to bring him back and prove it. Marros asked more questions about this other gentleman but the lady didn’t know anything except that the gentleman was going to help her. Marros, expecting this to be some sort of scam, decided to find out more about this man and asked around to find out where he’d gone. His search soon led him to the library where a halfling named Belven was pouring over books and articles. Marros asked him about a mysterious gentleman who may have come by asking about Leonard Winstoria. Immediately Belven went into a tyrad about Leonards mistreatment of him and the bullying he’s had to put up with for years. Marros calmly listened and then pushed him toward the topic of the gentleman and were he could find him. Belven said that the man did stop by and handsomely rewarded him for his information on the whereabouts of Nerath. Marros, taking the hint, handed over some pelts of hide. Belven looked them over then took them, figuring he could make some money from them, then told Marros that if he wanted to find the gentleman he will want to head toward the east. Marros left and headed out to begin his journey for the man searching for Nerath.

The Man in Bael Turath

Grigore has had a hard life but is looking to make things better. Ever since being evicted from his homeland he has made a promise to himself to help as many people as he can that are in need of his help. It is the only way to make things right in his life. During his journeys he comes across the city of Bael Turath. It was once a noble city once populated with the rich and noble, but very few rich and noble people are left. After a hard days travels Grigore feels it would be a good idea to visit the tavern for a quick ‘pick me up’. As soon as he enters he sees a frail elderly woman hanging up posters while people mock her saying things like ’he’s dead Prudence, give it up’. She hollers back at them with tear in her eyes but it does not good. Grigore eyes the paper she is posting and notices a crude drawing of what looks to be a human male. The title of the paper reads ‘Missing Leonard Winstoria Reward if Found. Soon the lady named Prudence is going around the tables hoping to find some one who will help her but everyone in the tavern mocks her and turns her away. Soon she reaches Grigores table and he accepts her approach with a suspicious manner expecting her to be some kind of loony. She doesn’t disappoint him. She wails to him about her lost husband who’s been missing for a hundred years after joining the Silver Cloaks of the mythical city of Argent. Grigore was not thrilled about being asked to go to a ‘mythical city’ since her only proof was her memory of it’s existence but with the 1000 gold pieces and the magical sword that would be his reward and that it would count as a good deed he was soon convinced that it would be worth it despite the catcalls and mocking voices of the surrounding tables. Prudence told him that to recognize Leonard he would be wearing a silver cloak and his name was always embroidered on his underwear. Grigore thought it would be a good idea to ask for some help so stepped on the table and announced to the people of the tavern that he is enlisting volunteers for this adventure. Disgruntled by the raucous laughter that followed his speech he vanished in a cloud of wispy dark smoke to find some information on Leonard Winstoria and Argent.
Grigore searched to the historical record keeper of the city, a halfling named Belven Millstone. When asked about Leonard Winstoria Belven became a little upset since Leonard used to bully him as a child, but Belven told him he soon got even by stealing Leonards underwear. Grigore, exasperated at this point, finally got some worthwhile information about Argents history out of Belven. Belven explained that Argent used to be looked up to as the city that protected the surrounding lands from some sort of chaos but Nerath obtained some glowing light that kept the chaos at bay. No one knows for sure but Belven suspects a thief stole the light and then all of chaos swarmed in and destroyed Nerath and all of the surrounding cities. Bael Turath was lucky to survive. As for Argent Belven wasn’t sure the city even exists anymore and he’s very sure none of the guardians are alive. Grigore decided it was time to be on his way and asked Belven which way Nerath was. The old man wasn’t so sure he knew anymore. Grigore flipped him a silver piece and Belven pointed him toward the east. Grigores adventure starts and will hopefully point him towards some companions for help.

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