Revenge of the Giants

Wolfman from the Mountains

Marros the Longtooth Shifter was a guide for travelers who wished to pass through Raging Bear Mountains. He has lived there all his life and knows which passages to take and which to avoid. As the group he is currently helping settles in for the night in a cavern that Marros knows well they start to break out some ale and tell stories from their home town. The raucous laughter coming from their group disturbs Marros as he is trying to eat his supper but since it is no concern of his he tries to ignore, unfortunately one of the travelers named Belam has no wish for Marros to be left out. ‘Come over here and have some ale!’ says a well drunken Belam. Not wanting to be rude Marros accepts and listens to their stories. Soon he is very intent in listening to these wild stories of a crazy old lady named Prudence and her missing husband Leonard in Bael Turath. He is so into the stories that he almost forgets to keep a watch out for danger and when he looks up to do so he notices one of the other travelers suddenly get very interested in the talk about Prudence’s bag of gold. Soon the wild stories change to farming lands and everyone starts to fall asleep except Marros. Marros keeps a watch out during the night for any signs of danger and so immediately notices when the traveler that was so interested in gold gets up and starts to wander back the way everyone came through the tunnels. Marros asks where he is going and the traveler brushes him off saying he has to urinate. Marros knows he is lying but can’t follow him since he has a responsibility to the rest of the travelers so just asks that he stays safe.
After getting the travelers to a safe area past the mountains and saying good bye Marros still had a bad feeling about the traveler that went back. He conversed with his spirit companion on whether he should stay in the mountains that have been his home forever or if he should leave and investigate the traveler and the Lady named Prudence. His spirit companion thought it would be wise to travel and explore the lands so Marros took off for the city of Bael Turath.
When he arrived he wanted to search out Prudence first to make sure she was alright. He headed straight for the cities tavern thinking he would find many people in there who may have heard of her, what he didn’t expect though was find the woman herself. A small old frail looking woman in fancy clothing stood in front of a table yelling at a group of men who were drinking and laughing at her. Marros saw the woman was upset from trying to convince the table her husband was alive so he guided her to another table and asked her about her husband and how he could help. She told him she knew her husband was a live and another gentleman was going to bring him back and prove it. Marros asked more questions about this other gentleman but the lady didn’t know anything except that the gentleman was going to help her. Marros, expecting this to be some sort of scam, decided to find out more about this man and asked around to find out where he’d gone. His search soon led him to the library where a halfling named Belven was pouring over books and articles. Marros asked him about a mysterious gentleman who may have come by asking about Leonard Winstoria. Immediately Belven went into a tyrad about Leonards mistreatment of him and the bullying he’s had to put up with for years. Marros calmly listened and then pushed him toward the topic of the gentleman and were he could find him. Belven said that the man did stop by and handsomely rewarded him for his information on the whereabouts of Nerath. Marros, taking the hint, handed over some pelts of hide. Belven looked them over then took them, figuring he could make some money from them, then told Marros that if he wanted to find the gentleman he will want to head toward the east. Marros left and headed out to begin his journey for the man searching for Nerath.



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