Revenge of the Giants

The Last Guardian of Argent

After the torrian named Rowthar teleported them all through the portal the group of four seemed to have landed in some strange hall way with a pool in the center and giant statues along the walls. One grand statue was placed at the end of the pool over looking all of them. Coming around the edge of the pool was a very old man in full plated armor as he got closer he suddenly noticed their presence and attacked claiming them to be intruders. His first attack missed Marros by just a bit but got Rowthar full in the face. Rowthar went down since he had forgotten to heal himself after the last battle. Del-Syra changed to her water form and started attacking from the pool. Ravalynn shot off many warlock curses of fire and elderic but seemed to keep missing. Grigor, always the powerful hitter, got up close and personal with the old man and seemed to be the only one able to get past his defenses. While those three kept the old man busy Marros was busy trying to save Rowthar from death. He was able to heal his to a stabling point and Rowthar came about long enough to give Marros a piece of parchment that told him the key words to bring the older man to a sensible state. Marros dodged the electric blasts of the old mans staff and was able to get close enough to tell him “but I wanna be the hero”. The words immediately halted anymore attacks. The old man blinks a few times looks at the four strangers before him and asks if they are the chosen warriors. Before Rowthar can answer their is a clunking sound and the man falls forward unconscious. Behind him looms three one-eyed humanoid beasts emerging from a purplish portal. Ravalynn steps up to them and commands they obey her by sending them back into the portal. They ignore her orders by picking her up and taking her with them. Immediatly battle breaks out with Del-Syra still using her water powers and Grigor dealing massive damage. Marros first makes sure the elderly man is safe before joining in the battle. Ravalynn, not scared in the least but not wanting to go through the portal with the cyclops, is able to talk her way into making the cyclops let her go. Another Cyclops is not so convinced with Ravalynns talk and tries to go after her but Del-Syra is able to keep him at bay. Grigor is keeping the third Cyclops back as it continuously tries to get at Ravalynn and just as the Cyclops is able to step around him Grigor takes his weapon and gouges out the back calf of the cyclops’ leg. In pain the cyclops stumbles forward at Marros who punches the oncoming creature right between the legs. The cyclops lurches forward snapping what is left of his leg in two causing him to die at an odd angle.
Ravalynn finishes the second cyclops with a fiery bolt burning him to cinders. Witnessing the gruesome deaths of his companions, the cyclops that had grabbed Ravalynn decides to bolt back into the portal. Ravalynn sends her book imp to scout out the other side of the portal to see what is there as it comes back the two converse about it but in whispers so the others can’t hear. Marros confronts her but Ravalynn is able to side step the questions. The elderly man comes to conciousness then and leads them to a room with paintings and elegant weaponry mounted on the walls. The older man introduces himself as Obanar the guardian of Argent. Marros then decides that after the battles they’ve had it would be best to ask their questions in the morning so at this Obanar shows them to some rooms where they can rest until they meet again.



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