Revenge of the Giants

The Man in Bael Turath

Grigore has had a hard life but is looking to make things better. Ever since being evicted from his homeland he has made a promise to himself to help as many people as he can that are in need of his help. It is the only way to make things right in his life. During his journeys he comes across the city of Bael Turath. It was once a noble city once populated with the rich and noble, but very few rich and noble people are left. After a hard days travels Grigore feels it would be a good idea to visit the tavern for a quick ‘pick me up’. As soon as he enters he sees a frail elderly woman hanging up posters while people mock her saying things like ’he’s dead Prudence, give it up’. She hollers back at them with tear in her eyes but it does not good. Grigore eyes the paper she is posting and notices a crude drawing of what looks to be a human male. The title of the paper reads ‘Missing Leonard Winstoria Reward if Found. Soon the lady named Prudence is going around the tables hoping to find some one who will help her but everyone in the tavern mocks her and turns her away. Soon she reaches Grigores table and he accepts her approach with a suspicious manner expecting her to be some kind of loony. She doesn’t disappoint him. She wails to him about her lost husband who’s been missing for a hundred years after joining the Silver Cloaks of the mythical city of Argent. Grigore was not thrilled about being asked to go to a ‘mythical city’ since her only proof was her memory of it’s existence but with the 1000 gold pieces and the magical sword that would be his reward and that it would count as a good deed he was soon convinced that it would be worth it despite the catcalls and mocking voices of the surrounding tables. Prudence told him that to recognize Leonard he would be wearing a silver cloak and his name was always embroidered on his underwear. Grigore thought it would be a good idea to ask for some help so stepped on the table and announced to the people of the tavern that he is enlisting volunteers for this adventure. Disgruntled by the raucous laughter that followed his speech he vanished in a cloud of wispy dark smoke to find some information on Leonard Winstoria and Argent.
Grigore searched to the historical record keeper of the city, a halfling named Belven Millstone. When asked about Leonard Winstoria Belven became a little upset since Leonard used to bully him as a child, but Belven told him he soon got even by stealing Leonards underwear. Grigore, exasperated at this point, finally got some worthwhile information about Argents history out of Belven. Belven explained that Argent used to be looked up to as the city that protected the surrounding lands from some sort of chaos but Nerath obtained some glowing light that kept the chaos at bay. No one knows for sure but Belven suspects a thief stole the light and then all of chaos swarmed in and destroyed Nerath and all of the surrounding cities. Bael Turath was lucky to survive. As for Argent Belven wasn’t sure the city even exists anymore and he’s very sure none of the guardians are alive. Grigore decided it was time to be on his way and asked Belven which way Nerath was. The old man wasn’t so sure he knew anymore. Grigore flipped him a silver piece and Belven pointed him toward the east. Grigores adventure starts and will hopefully point him towards some companions for help.



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