Revenge of the Giants

Gain Four Souls, Lose Yourself

My name is Del-Syra. I am a genasi swordmage of the highest rank. I am the fastest, strongest and most fearless swordmage you will ever meet. At least that is what my victims think before I plung my sword through their heart, but that was an entertainment of my past that I have turned my back on. I have my mission now and I will not stop until I find the bright lights that were stolen destroying the city Nerath.
I’ve been searching for a while now, stopping only to ask questions and get supplies. The city I’m in is big but poor looking, it was dark out when I arrive in Bael Turath so the few people walking the streets in their ragged clothing look like criminals. I notice one guy stopping in the moon light to pick up the shoe that fell off of his foot. I hug the wall of the ally way closer hoping he doesn’t see me. Hoping he doesn’t recognize me. I decide it is too dangerous to stay down here. I switch from my void form to my wind form and rode up on the cool night breeze up to the roof tops feeling like I’m soaring towards the moon. To fly is the most wonderful feeling in the world. It makes you forget all of your troubles all of your past pains and sink into never-ending happiness. No more fighting, no more killing, no more mission…oh yeah the mission. I forgot. I switched back to my void form, my emotionless form. Although I am happy being part of the wind it usually causes me to forget what I’m doing. I can see the man again from up top he is now turning a corner toward the wealthier looking part of the city. I know his intentions well now, he is looking to make him self richer by stealing from the wealthy. It is an old way of gaining wealth, no fun or cleverness to it. What he needed was to get caught, that would liven things up a bit. As I felt myself becoming more evil I felt the form that I had been born with manifest, my skin turned hard black and crispy, my swirling energy lines that had be empty in my void form started to glow and turn a deep fiery orange and the empty sockets where my eyes once were turned to fire. I could see in the dark now just as well as an owl. I started following the man toward the house he was now climbing. I ran and jumped and leaped stalking my prey, I was full of energy and this hunt was fueling the fire that burned beneath my charcoal skin. This form had missed the fun of the hunt, the thrill of the kill. As I reached the house, the man was coming out of the window holding the treasure he had stolen. I reach toward my sword and unsheathe it igniting it on fire. I stop running now, only one house away, his back to me not able to see the attack as he climbs down the rope he’d hooked on the windowsill. I take am hoping to split his skull in two, and release my sword throwing it through the air. It misses but cuts into the bag of riches pinning it to the side of the house. The man, surprised, quickly slides down the rope and disappears into the night. I stood there very still, not moving for the longest time. The fire in my eyes died and was replaces with pools of water, my skin cooled and turned rubbery and smooth, my energy lines turned blue and shimmering. I sat down on the roof and mourned for the loss of my soul. It was time to leave this city, I tossed the bag of riches back up through the window then headed towards the east, where my life had begun.



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