Revenge of the Giants

Curious By Nature

In a forest not to far from Bael Turath purple smoke began to bellow out of what looked like a hole in the air. Soon the hole widened and it turned into a swirling vortex of purple mist pure arcane magic. Once it was wide enough push a medium sized bolder through a small radiant looking female elf tumbled her way out and the vortex disappeared faster than it had arrived.
“Kind of boring wasn’t it Rupert? Let’s go find something else to do.” She said to seemingly no one.
As she traveled she arrived upon Bael Turath. Before entering it she monitored the people flowing in and out of the city paying close attention to their clothes and features. She pulled off her regal clothing and switched it with some leather armor dirty plain clothing. Then with some concentration her face and body which used to be pure noble elf gained a few human features. Now she was ready to go. As she walked toward the town her attention suddenly flew to a man with bright red hair. It was so pretty that she had to follow it. Watching the hair keep her attention focused on it for almost a day until she got bored then she started back toward the city. When she was almost back she spotted another strange character rushing in the same direction she had just come from. She realized something was definitely going on and so with an unabashed yell toward the creature she said “Hey! Where you going?”



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